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Fic: Advance Science, Old Magic Chapter Two
winterda wrote in winterdfic
Title: Advance Science, Old Magic
Series: Twilight (DA/SPN x-over)
Rated: PG-13
Summary: Years after loosing Dean to the Trickster, Sam goes on the hunt for Jo when she mysteriously disappear while investing a recently abandoned prep school in Washington.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Kripke owns all things Supernatural, while James and Elgee own all things Dark Angel. I’m just playing around with the characters because…well, I’ve got nothing better to do right now.
Spoilers: Up to “Mystery Spot” for Supernatural. Through most of “Hello, Goodbye” for Dark Angel.



Chapter One

Chapter Two

Crouched next to the shelled-out car, Sam squinted up at Ruby. The early morning clouds that he had driven through on his way towards Bobby’s had cleared out, leaving the sky impossibly blue and bright that afternoon. Looking up at Ruby, Sam thought that the way she was looking at him with a slight upturn of her lips and the blue background made her look like a kid that was smiling for their school picture. Well, actually, maybe a kid who really did want their picture taken but was having to suffer through it with the rest of them anyway.

Clint was still barking, bowed up and his fur standing on end. He knew very well what Ruby was and warning everyone of her presences. It would only be a matter of time before Bobby or Ellen would come see what was going on. If Bobby found them, they would probably be alright. The old hunter didn’t particularly like or trust Ruby, but she had helped them enough in the past to at least not earn a shotgun blast to the face upon seeing her.

Ellen, however…

With Jo missing and Ellen’s two granddaughters in the house, Sam was pretty sure that no demon would want to be within a hundred miles of her at that moment.

Which begged the question…

“What are you doing here?” he asked, grabbing hold of Clint’s collar and dragging him backwards. He patted the side of the animal in a claming manner, which at least got him to stop barking but not stop growling. Sam noted it was sure to put itself between the him and her. Like it would have really done any good.

“You know, that’s what I’ve always liked about you, Sam. You’re always so polite,” Ruby said. The sarcasm was scathing as usual. It didn’t bother him. It never had been before and he didn’t even notice it now.

The only thing about her that always struck him these days was the way she looked. After ten years, she should have aged. She should have been a woman in her thirties, and she should have changed over the years. But she hadn’t. Not really. Aside from the few very faint frown lines around her mouth, she hadn’t seem to have aged a day. He wondered sometimes if it had to do with her being a demon that her host looked the same or maybe she had lucked out and found a body that just had good genes.

“Ruby,” he said in an impatient tone.

She pressed her lips in annoyance; whether at him or just in general, he wasn’t sure. “Why else do you think I’m here, Sam?”

Standing, Sam patted Clint’s side as his growls threatened to become barks again. “Jo’s in that much trouble?”

“Yeah, she is,” she said simply. “This is bad, Sam. Your little friend isn’t playing around with some idiotic serial killer’s ghost this time. These people are dangerous.”

“You know who they are?” he asked, though he knew that was a stupid question. If they were dangerous, than he could be fairly certain that Ruby knew about them. That didn’t mean she would tell him, though.

“I know that they’re psychotic, both individually and as a whole and - oh, yeah - not your problem. Not that that ever seem to matter to you Winchesters.” She eyed him for a moment. “Should I even bother trying to talk you out of heading towards Seattle?”

It was his turn to grin. “No.”

Sighing, she rolled her eyes in a manner that was far to childish for someone her age. Not that that ever stopped her before. “Fine, but when your head is on a pike somewhere, do come crying to me.”

She started to push past him, but Clint let out a frantic bark as she came too close. She sneered down at the dog as Sam try and failed to calm him again. Ignoring the animal, she started to leave, but paused once more just behind him. In as long as he had known her, Sam had never seen Ruby hesitate about anything. It was off-putting.

“I’m not sorry, Sam,” he thought she muttered.

Clint leapt at her, but Sam was able to restrain him. He struggled for a minute, trying not to loose his grip on the agitated animal. He was finally able to hold him back.

“Sorry about what?” Sam asked.

Unsurprisingly, he found himself talking to thin air.

“Is everything alright?” Bobby called, rounding the corner of crushed cars. His ever trusty shotgun was in his hands and Rumsfeld was trotting beside him. Clint snapped again. “Clinton, you hush now, you hear!”

“Everything’s fine, Bobby,” Sam said.

Bobby frowned and glanced around the junkyard. He knew his dogs. Clint might be young and still a bit jumpy, but he was trained well enough not to just bark at the wind. “You sure?”

“Yeah,” Sam said, kneeling back down onto the ground.

Bobby still wasn’t convinced. Sam could feel him staring at the back of his head as he got the gas out of the tank. But Bobby knew him well enough to know that if Sam was keeping quiet, it was for a reason.

So, instead of commenting, he said, “Hurry up, then. Ellen’s nearly got supper ready and then I’m betting you’ll want to start for Washington. I’ll get a map set up that will get you there by Tuesday night, if you want.”

By that he meant he’d mark the roads that would help Sam avoid Sector Police, state boarder patrols, and any local towns that liked the militias a little too much. People were frightening paranoid (most rightfully so) about people coming into their areas these days. It tended to make traveling a lot more difficult than it had been before.

Sam wondered what Dean would have thought about that. He could just hear his brother’s take on the matter in his mind. He tried not to grin from it.

“Yeah, thanks, Bobby,” Sam said, listening at the container started to fill.

The older man nodded once, called for Clint, and headed back for the house.

Sam glanced up at the sky that was starting to turn that darker blue color that meant sundown would be coming soon. A cold wind cut through between the car, hitting him in the face and causing his cheeks to burn.

In less than two hours he had found out that Jo was missing and Ruby had come and given him a warning about the people who might have taken her. Just the fact that she had shown up had told him that they were dangerous. He never really saw Ruby unless it was going to bad. He wondered how bad it would be this time.

Sam knew one thing for sure. It was going to be a long hunt.


The place they had her locked up smelled terrible, like old medicine, piss, fear, and madness. Most people didn’t believe that madness had a smell, but it does: a burning, tangy scent that would make every short hair on your body stand on end. Well, no, that wasn’t quite right. A smooth smoke that traveled through you before settling cold in your stomach. No, that wasn’t right either. Maybe she couldn’t describe it, but she could smell it as easily as she could hear it all around her.

From somewhere, she could hear a woman screeching like a banshee did when it descended on its prey. It was mixed with a moan of a man that was closer. Accenting the terrifying music were the screams of another. She couldn’t tell whether it had once been man or woman, only that now it was neither.

The air was heavy and repressive and sad. Even if all those poor people she heard and smelled and felt were gone, she knew the felling would remain. There were spirits here, probably lots of them. Places like this were always filled with them.

Jo sat in the middle of the floor of her cell, her knees drawn up to her and staring straight ahead. The room was circular and dark. The only light came from the single 30 watt bulb that hung over her head and a small, bared slot that was built into the door. At one point, it probably had a door that close on the other side, but it was broken or gone because no one had ever bothered to close it. The walls had once been covered with padding, but the stuff had long ago been pulled and shredded by one of the former occupants. Claw marks could be seen dug into the wall from some of those that had come after.

Why had she been brought here? Whoever had done that back in the woods could obviously kill her. Why had they let her live? Why did they bring her here?

And what the hell kind of demon had she seen back there?

These questions had been ping-ponging around her brain for days. Well, she assumed it had been days. It was easy to loose track of time here. It was easy to loose a lot of things here.

Someone screamed right outside her door causing Jo to jump. “I’m not mad! I’m not!” they screamed. “Look you! You’re the ones that have gone mad! The master! Ask the master! He has chosen me to be his messenger! Gone on. Ask him. He’ll tell you!”

Jo shivered and drew her knees closer to herself. She needed to get out of there, but how? The vents were too small, the door was dead bolted, and they feed her through a slot at the bottom of the door. How was she going to get out of there?

Damn it, she didn’t even know where here was. She had been out for a good long while before waking up here. For all Jo knew, she could be in a different country. That wasn’t uncommon. Pretty girls and women disappeared all the time these days. The rumor was that they were being shipped overseas and sold as sex slaves. It was one of those rumors that Jo unfortunately knew was true, since it happened to Jim Gregor, a fellow hunter, and his family. They were still looking for his daughter in Asia, and no one would feel the least bit sorry for what happened to the guy that bought her once Jim caught him. But Jo hadn’t been traded off to a sex dealer, yet anyway. She was locked in a mad house.

Maybe it was just a cover; a place to put them before shipping them off. Maybe, after being captured by that rumored cult, they had sold her off and were just waiting for someone to come get her. Jo pushed the thought from her mind. If that were true, someone would have collected her by now.

It didn’t matter anyway. She had to get out there and get back to her family. They needed her.

“You don’t belong here,” a voice softly said, though the words echoed around the room.

Jo lifted her head and saw a man looking down at her through the slot. His eyes were large, though narrowed at the moment, and peered down at her with a certain amount of curiosity.

It was the first time since she arrived anyone had spoken to her. Even when she had screamed at the people in the hall for their attention they had ignored her, even the guards, so Jo was to stunned to speak at first.

The man shifted and she could almost see a smile form on his face. “You’re not one of us.”

“Hello?” Jumping to her feet, Jo started for the door; however, the sudden movement started the man. She had barely taken two steps before he backed away from the slot. He was skittish. After being locked in this place, she couldn’t blame him.

This time moving slowly, she said, “Hello?”

When he didn’t answer right away, Jo licked her lips, hoping that she hadn’t scared him away or that he was now going to ignore her. She began to ask the question again, when he answered, “Hi.”

“Hi,” she repeated, a small smile tugging at the edges of her lips. She moved a little closer to the door and was glad to see that he didn’t run. “I’m Jo. Who are you?”

He shifted on his feet. “CJ.”

“CJ,” she repeated. “Do you have a last name?”

“Do you?” he asked.

Crazy or not, she had to hand it to him for that. “Where are we?” she asked instead.

He shrugged a shoulder. “Where they keep us.”

Jo frowned. Maybe this wouldn’t be as easy as she hoped.

From somewhere, she heard a metallic door slam. CJ jumped at the sound and she could see that skittish look return to his eyes. She would have to be quick.

“CJ. CJ, look at me.” He returned his attention to her, but she could tell she only half had it. Something or someone was coming and it had CJ spooked. “I have a family. I have two little girls and I need to get back to them. I need your help to get back to them.”

She could hear footsteps now. They were getting close.

“Can you help me?” she asked.

Another door closed, closer than before. CJ swallowed hard and shook his head. “Sorry,” he said, before taking off.

Closing her eyes, Jo leaned her forehead against the door. She wanted to scream. Wanted to rave. Wanted to be like the other people in this place. Maybe if she were, she wouldn’t care to leave.

“I wouldn’t get to comfortable in there, if I were you.”

Jo jumped, once again finding herself startled. Standing directly in front of her was a man about her age, dressed in a tailored suit that looked like it cost more than what Peter made in two months before taxes. His hands were tucked behind him and he looked at her with a degree of discuss and contempt. Behind him, some old woman lurched by, muttering to herself about snakes and babies and Fox Mulder. Her presences didn’t bother him. Nothing in this place seemed to bother him.

“Who are you?” Jo asked, trying to place as much contempt in her voice to match him.

He smiled. Jo felt a chill crawl down her spine from the sight. “Someone who had better things to do than come here and talk to you,” he said coolly. “But since you decided to get yourself involved in things that don’t concern you, here I am. I would step back from the door.”


He slammed the door open, knocking Jo to the ground in the process. Her vision blurred from the hit her head took, and her back and shoulder ached from the impact. She heard the door close again and he was now standing over her, pulling off his coat and rolling up his sleeves.

“To answer your question, my name is Special Agent Ames White,” he said. He grinned down at her once again. “And now, Joanne Beth Harvelle Williams, I have a few questions I would like to ask you.”


Dinner had consisted of a couple of pheasants that Bobby had trapped at the edge of his property and some vegetables that Ellen had traded for in town. The pheasants were dry and somewhat gamy and the vegetables were stale from having been stored for too long. Most wouldn’t have considered it particularly good. She didn’t think so, anyway, but from the way Sam was eating, it must have been the best thing he had had in months.

She wondered sometimes about him. Living on the road had been hard enough before the Pulse, but John had taught his boys well. She saw the proof of that in Sam.

When Sam got ready to leave, Ellen sent the girls off to bed. Merritt pouted, but brightened at the prospect of a story. Deana complained that she was to old to be going to bed so early, but shushed after one look from her grandmother. Jo would have fought her tooth and nail. Ellen couldn’t decide whether she was happy or a bit sad that Deana was so unlike Jo at times.

Wrapping a throw around her shoulders, Ellen picked up the bag of leftovers and stepped out onto the porch. Small puffs of air drifted from between her lips and vaporized in the porch light as she headed towards the two men standing next to the old Impala. Ten years and the car still looked same. Dean would be proud.

Bobby had a map spread across the hood with a lit lantern holding down one pesky corner that was catching the wind. “This will get you to Willoughby by tomorrow night,” Bobby said, tapping the map.

Sam leaned over the map, studying the route that Bobby had laid out for him one last time. When he nodded, Bobby picked up the lantern. The wind caught the map, kicking up half of it before Sam calmly grabbed it and stuffed into the car through the opened window.

“Thanks, Bobby,” Sam said, giving the older man’s hand a quick shake. “And thanks for dinner, too.”

“Well, feel free to take the rest of it with you,” Ellen said, presenting him with the small bag. “You seemed to be the only one to enjoy it.”

He gave her a weak smile and took the food. Before he drew his hand back, Ellen seized his wrist. “I’m counting on you to bring her back, Sam,” she said.

Something like hesitation flashed though his eyes, like he didn’t want to make that promise. She wondered if he knew that was what she had said to his father before he had left with Will that last time. Probably not, but you could never tell about Sam.

Resolve took over hesitation and he gave her a single nod. “I will,” he said.

“Good. Because if anything happens, you’re the one I’m coming after.”

He didn’t say anything to that, just nodded again and got in his car. It roared to life, apparently happy to have a full tank once again. Ellen could smell the faint scent of gas and figured that Sam must have a little extra stored in his trunk. With one last wave, he took off down the dark roadway, a pack of dogs barking and chasing after him as he left.

“Don’t worry,” Bobby said, “Sam’ll find her.”

Ellen stood there a moment longer, watching as the taillights disappeared into the dark. Adjusting the throw around her shoulders, she turned back to the house and said, “He better.”


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oh man, actual dark angel fic I can stand to read? WILL WONDERS NEVER CEASE

i've been searching for a good dark angel/spn crossover since i got into both fandoms (oh, jensen ackles, it's what you do to me) and i think that this is finally it :D I really like Jo but fandom seems to hate on her an awful lot, so I like your characterization of her and the plot that seems to be building around her.
I'd love to see more of this, plz to be updating!

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